Contest 2014

Meet the Finalists from last year’s mHealth Israel Startup Contest:

: Health information, personalized. Medivizor helps people coping with serious or chronic illness get cutting-edge, reliable, health information that matters most.

Medivozor is the Winner of the 2014 contest, Congratulations!

BreezometerBreezoMeter maps air pollution in real time and provides street resolution air pollution data to customers through API’s and big data reporting.

Voiceitt: Voiceitt is a voice recognition software that gives millions of people with speech disabilities the ability to “talk” in their own voice.

Lifegraph: LifeGraph is a platform that allows psychiatrists to better monitor their patients and detect deterioration in their mental state.

Myndlift: Myndlift provides a drug-free solution to improve concentration ability using mobile and wearable technology.

SweetchSweetch helps people reduce their risk of becoming diabetic, through a game-changing platform that predicts personal diabetes risk and drives long-term behavioral change that significantly reduces diabetes risk.

mPharma: mPharma provides real-time data on physician’s prescriptions and patient drug consumption for governments and pharmaceutical companies in Africa.

Intendu: Intendu develops personalized and adaptive brain rehabilitation software for easy and effective usage at the home and at the clinic.

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